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boyish charm

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there are enough words in my pictures, right? makes me feel like i don't need to say much!

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i enjoy standing out and one of my favorite ways to do so this fall is by embracing the boyish, sporty trend. i took the trend for a test ride on a cloudy saturday in the city, and thought that a baseball cap was a great place to start. it all began when i showed up at the La Petite Marmoset showroom with some printed skinny jeans on, my converse's and a cropped, graphic sweatshirt and found myself a stellar, navy blue, leather cap and some metal jewels lying around. put it all together and you get my 'boyish charm' look. it comes down to keeping a good balance between the two genders, i think. my next boyish purchase is going to be a pair of isabel marant look-a-like wedge sneakers (like these), which are the perfect balance of girl vs. boy all in themselves.

Forever21 Cropped Sweatshirt | Loft Printed Skinnies | Converse Chuck Taylors | Messenger Bag via Urban Outfitters (similar) | LPM Vintage Baseball Cap, Necklace (borrowed) | Stella & Dot Bracelets | Michael Kors Watch

click on the images below for more of the boyish fashions

Aug 28, 2012


  1. You were the lucky one wearing the baseball cap when it started RAINING on us!! boy, oh, boy. BTW.."What did one wall say to the other wall?" According to Natalie..."I'm not listening"

    Love you, you hot boy. xx

  2. I love those skinnies!!

  3. You definitely pull off the boyish look effortlessly & in a very cute way of course :) I had so much fun seeing you Saturday & those skinny jeans are too adorable!

  4. You wear this look well! You look adorable :) and I'm loving that leather baseball cap! So awesome!

  5. i love it on ya! i found a cap thrifting, havn't gotten up the nerve to rock it yet...maybe on vacay this weekend...

  6. Only you could make me actually want to wear a sweatshirt and sneakers as a real outfit. You look so cute!


  7. Very cute!

  8. This is such a cute outfit! I love that despite the fact you're wearing a sweatshirt, cap, and sneakers, you still look so feminine and lovely :)

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  10. You girls are so cute I love ya!


  11. This look is so cute on you ! Love the background. x